Working from product strategy to digital execution, I’ve designed a wide range of digital experiences that made a difference for millions of users – and even made designs, that saved lives.

Here’s a selection of my most important UX work.

Author of “UX design”

Authored “UX design” – one of Denmarks most read and popular books on Interaction design.

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Danske Bank

Designed online and mobile banking and security experiences for Danske Bank. Specifically, I designed the frictionless logon experience for all banking logons called “Danske ID” app and designed secure PSD2 compliant customer journeys across multiple touch points.

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Lead UX design at eBay Scandinavia, designing and rebranding the DBA and Bilbasen platforms. Specifically, I singlehandedly sketched and executed the mobile seller experience which completely transformed the market for online classified ads. My team also revolutionized messaging and search UX.

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F-35 / Lockheed Martin

Designed interactive experiences on the F-35 subcontracting for Lockheed Martin. Specifically, I designed mission critical on- and offboard digital solutions for the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft and personally introduced key UX artefacts into the technology program procedures.

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Battle Management / Systematic

Pioneered and designed a portable, rugged in-field military Battle Management System interface and other situational awareness command and control solutions for Systematic Software – now used by major NATO partners such as multiple EU countries, USA and Australia and now actively deployed in world hotspots.

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Did UX consultancy work for major Danish brands through several software and UX agencies. For instance, I was involved in the design of the NemID user experience and designed advanced gaming authority interfaces for SKAT and other large scandinavian brands.

e-commerce / WhiteAway

Lead UX design and product management teams at Whiteaway Group, a leading Danish e-commerce player. Specifically, I executed the design strategy for a common, customizable frontend with 14 sites across 6 brands, and redesigned the search and checkout experience to optimize conversion and user satisfaction.

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internetBook / Gyldendal

I have designed digital learning experiences for Gyldendal, Scandinavia’s largest publisher. Specifically, I am drove the design and innovation effort to redesign the Systime internetBook – an interactive, online reader with 300.000 professional users and a multi-layered revolutionary design system.

To test the platform, I wrote a book on it myself.

My design conference presentation (YouTube)


I am currently designing advanced investigative tools for Chainalysis. Their products bring transparency, trust and compliance to the world of blockchains and help agencies track funds – and thereby stop terror financing, hacks, scams, darknet markets, child porn rings and Putin’s war.

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